Abrasive floor pads

The professional cleaning line is available in nonwoven abrasive pads for rotary floor cleaning machines (floor maintenance discs) and hand pads (rectangular shape).

Nonwoven abrasive floor and hand pads are manufactured from high quality polyester-based nonwoven web. A complete choice of 6 colours (in accordance with the international colour-coding system) varying by their degree of abrasiveness makes pads suitable for every floor cleaning and maintenance application.

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High efficiency
Pads of each colour have unique and optimal abrasive composition formula providing the highest performance for the required floor-cleaning task.
Double-sided use
Efficient distribution of abrasive particles on both surfaces and within the pad structure guarantees full-fledged double-sided pad use.
Uniform wear and durable product life
Uniform and strongly bonded nonwoven web structure provides high abrasion resistance, durable product life and excellent performance throughout the working cycle of the pad.

Floor pads are designed for use in rotary cleaning machines and suitable for a wide range of tasks: polishing, applying protective coatings, oils and impregnations; spray-cleaning; regular cleaning; removing footprints; scrubbing and preparing surfaces for coating. The range includes pads of varying degrees of abrasiveness: from soft pads for surface polishing to hard, intended for strong cleaning and scrubbing.

Hand pads manufactured by Abrasive Technologies are designed for manual cleaning of small, hardto-reach and contoured surfaces (usually in places inaccessible by rotary cleaning machines such as baseboards, corners, stairs). They сan be used by hand, with hand pad block or in a straight-line sander.

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